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5/31/2016 - New Alumni...
8/25/2010 - New Alumni...
2/14/2009 - Back in the saddle again... I have created a new page of BBC Alumni Pics from the "good ol' days." So, if you send me some, I will put 'em up. I have also added some new folks to the alumni information. I also included a reference to the article in the New York Times about East Otis, and Hall's General Store.
8/10/2008 - Well things are back to normal, finally. We had some website issues, then I had difficulties accessing it to update it. All seems to be well now, and some updates have been added: New people information and a new picture under in the news. Send in anything new you have...
1/21/2008 - Check out the section on News and In the News for an announcement about one of our alumni.

Also, since you are reading this, then you know that the site is back up. We were hosting it with the same company that hosts my personal site. I found them on the cheap, and this was an example of you get what you pay for. One day, I noticed my site was down. And of course so was this site. After about a week of franticly trying to reach the company it became obvious to me that the fly-by-night company had flown-by-night. We have a new host. I know them well, and I consider them to be very reliable. They certainly were a big help all along the way in getting the sites back up. So I am still working to update it, but we are getting there...
9/3/2007 - Multiple New Alumni!!! Check it out. Also some additional information on people in some of the old pictures.
1/21/2007 - New Alumni and information about Eric Lesselbaum's exploits!!!
11/5/2006 - Some new alumni: John Slankis and Bernie Wilenski '58 to '62.
8/20/2006 - More alumni keep rolling in: Douglas Levene and Roger Myerson - 61-64.
3/16/2006 - And yet another new alumni added to the list: Troy Lawson - 73.
2/19/2006 - Whoa, another new member in the alumni directory - Jon Levin 61-65.
Also check out the pics on the "In The News" page for the 8/6/2005 Fishing Trip.
2/12/2006 - Some new people and email addresses added to the alumni directory.
12/4/2004 - Thanks to Case Martin, we have lots more pictures for the website. Specific ones of interest are: The Directors page, the Historical Archives Cabins pages. Enjoy.
10/24/2004 - Pictures from the 2004 Reunion included. Copyright notice added to the welcome page. contact information added for new alumni.
10/14/2004 - Misc. little stuff all over the site.
8/7/2004 - Hit counter on the main web page and a Password controlled page with information on formed BBC folks. Contact aaron Clevenson for the username and password to get to it.
7/5/2004 - Songs web page and lots of information on achievement award requirements and data.
7/2/2004 - All data that we currently have available is on the site. If you have additional data, we need it. Years 1970, 1971, and 1972 were completed.
6/27/2004 - 1967, 1968 and 1969 data completed. Awards page added. Improved navigation throughout the site.
5/23/2004 - Improved navigation on these pages: maps, early history, growing years, stable years, and foundation years. No new content added.
5/12/2004 - A whale of a tale. Or a great fish story. The one that got away. A day on the Quabbin.

A story of sun, fun, good friends, and a few fish thrown in. Can be found under BBC People: News and In The News.
2/8/2004 - Updated the Tribute to Pop page to include his obituary and cemetary marker.
12/31/2003 - Last update for the year. Lots more data added to the "Stable Years" section. More pictures. Happy New Year!
12/26/2003 - Lots more stuff, and a start of a tribute to "Pop".
12/24/2003 - Staff lists are complete through 1972. I do not have informaiton on 1973.
12/22/2003 - BBC People in the news, pictures of the CQ and the White Cottage. More headers for BBC Newspapers.
12/20/2003 - The section on the "Growing Years" seems to be fairly complete at this time based on information from the BBC News archive. Work continues on the Historical Archive section as well. Work has also begun on the "Stable Years" section.
12/16/2003 - New information in the Growing Years section. Also, I found and included the final segment of the early history of the camp in Pop's words!
12/6/2003 - Lots of new pictures and some new data. Also, a little new organization in the historical pictures section.
12/5/2003 - Even more updates to the year-by-year data, all over the place.
12/1/2003 - More data in the year-by-year histories: Early Years and the Growing Years.
11/30/2003. Added more information to the Growing Years history page. Specifically, 1951, 1952, and 1953.
11/22/2003 - Everything! This is the initial release of the site. New features will be added as time permits. If there is any indication that a page is new, besure to refresh that page in your browser to see the new material.

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