Staff - 1971

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Ahern, Paul Mess Hall Manager
Belman, Dale Leader Head of Forestry and Conservation
Chiros, James Leader Head of Science
Duffy, James Leader Athletics
Durand, John "Bruno" Camp Director
Elgin, Evan Leader Waterfront
Fitzgerald, Arthur Leader Section Head, Head of Exploring
Heinemann, Hilda Secretary
Isaacs, Larry Leader Forestry and Conservation, and Riflery
Light Stuart Leader Science and Communications
Liias, Leo Leader Building Arts and RIflery
Linsky, Stephen Leader Forestry and Conservation
Martin, Rex Leader Building Arts
Medoff, Steven Leader Forestry and Conservation
Miller, Charles Cook
Miller, Scott Leader Athletics
Mills, Carol Nurse
Morrison, Jeffrey Leader Exploring
Mozzi, Leonard Leader Dramatics
Newman, Jonathan Kitchen
Novick, Garr Leader Waterfront
Queeney, Warren Leader Dramatics
Rosenthal, Michael Leader Arts and Crafts
Welch, Austin Advisor


Updated: 12/24/2003