Staff - 1959

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Adams, Barry Section I
Adler, Andy
Balski, Anthony J.
Bennett, Victor
Carroll, Bruce "Moose" Woodsman
Charm, Richard Tent
Cleveland, Peter
Dahl, Lorenz "Spike" Lumberjacks
Daly, Victor
Day, Donald
Golden, Peter S.
Hadley, Isabel
Hadley, Owen
Hayes, Eugene Section II, Forester
Livingstone, Fred
Livoti, Peter Pioneer
Mahoney, David Tent
Mahoney, William Bobcats
Marciano, James "Rocky" Eagles
Martin, Delores
Moore, David
Moore, Robert Roost
Robichaud, John
Rosicky, John Ridge
Weber, Mary J.
Weber, Rosemary
Welch, Austin with Marie and Leah
Yood, Carl Crows Nest


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