Staff - 1958

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Adams, Barry Head of Boys Work
Arell, Richard Kitchen Crew
Arell, Walter Junior Counselor Crows Nest
Balski, Anthony J. Assistant Director
Bannister, William Junior Counselor Woodsman
Campos, A. Joseph Counselor Foresters
Carroll, Bruce Junior Counselor in Training
Cronin, Thomas Head of Section II Roost
Daley, Charles Head of Section I
Grishaver, Ira Kitchen Crew
Hadley, Isabel Chef
Hadley, Owen Chef
Hayes, Eugene
Johnson. Roger
Livoti, Peter Junior Counselor Explorers
Mahoney, Bill Junior Counselor in Training
Mahoney, David J. Counselor Tent
Mansfield, Dave Counselor
Marciano, James Counselor Eagles
McEnany, Tom Junior Counselor in Training
Miller, Lee B. Kitchen Crew
Moore, David Kitchen Crew
Mulcahey, James Junior Counselor Westerners
Remillard, Jeanette Nurse
Rosicky, John Counselor Ridge
Russell, Floyd Counselor
Spears, Barry Junior Counselor Bobcats
Sullivan, Thomas Junior Counselor Pioneer
Vernava, Alvah W. Counselor Little Eagles
Weber, Mary J. Secretary
Welch, Austin Founder & Director
Yood, Carl Junior Counselor in Training


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