Staff - 1954

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Adams, Barry Director of Forestry School Director of Forestry School
Anderson, Richard Director of Pioneering School Director of Pioneering School
Ashe, Joseph Naturalist Instructor Naturalist Instructor
Balski, Anthony Assistant Camp Director Assistant Camp Directory, Forestry
Benoit, Cliff Forestry Instructor Forestry Instructor, Junior Counselor
Bulens, Henry Laundry Laundry
Burgess, Robert Waterfront Instructor Waterfront Instructor
Campos, Joseph Director of Eagle Program Director of Eagle Program
Curtin, George Director of Exploring School Director of Exploring School
Genovese, Ann Nurse Nurse
Savva, Phillip
Sumner, James H.
Sumner, Loretta Chief Dietician Chief Dietician
Welch, Austin Camp Director


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