Staff - 1952

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These may not be complete due to one missing BBC News.

Adams, Barry Young Eagles Program - Junior Counselor
Anderson, Richard Pioneer Instructor
Auld, Bert General
Auld, Louise Cook
Balski, Tony Assistant Camp Director
Campos, Joe General Activities
Cooke, Tom Caretaker
Curtin, George Pioneering
DeFlumeri, Florence Cook
DeFlumeri, Patricia Secretary
DeFlumeri, Patrick Food Purchaser
Denman, Jerry Camp Manager
Healey, Gladys Laundry
Marko, Ann Lee Nurse, Dietician
Marko, Samuel Dramatics, General Counseling
McKeogh, Margaret Dining Hall
O'Neil, William Biology
Quinn, Robert General Activities
Sancho, Al Waterfront, Athletics
Smith, Vera Camp Mother
Welch, Austin Camp Director


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