The Shelter Cabins from 1941

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I have put them in the order that I believe they would go from left to right if you stand with your back to the lake.

This is a view of all of the shelter cabins in winter. I believe that the left-most one is not in the picture.
These were Adirondak Style cabins. The roof, sloped in one direction also had a small piece sloping down in the front. They were 6 foot by 12 foot and each one could sleep 6; 3 bunks.

This is a typical floor plan for one of these cabins, with a doorway and a window along the front.
The Talisman. This is the cabin on the far left end. It was up the rise on the old swim trail from the upper-upper field. Note that the front is rather wide open. The sign above the door which is not very legible reads: "Little Pals Theater" with appropriate theatre masks.
The Outpost. This is the next cabin from the left. It is still on the old swim trail, but closer to the upper-upper field. Note it is open on the front, but not as much as the Talisman.
This is one of the Shelter Cabins that was used as the "Little Pals Cabin" in 1952. This is a sketch that appeared in the August 6, 1952 BBC News. I believe it is the Outpost Cabin.
This cabin was not at the camp when I was. I believe it was where the Westerner cabin was built. It is very similar to the Outpost, but the wood on the front to the right of the door is different. Also the rock that is in front of the door at the Outpost is not in this picture. This would be the third from the left.
The JLQ. At this time, I do not have an archival picture of this cabin. I am still looking. This would be the furthest right. My memory says you entered from the left-hand end, and that there was a "window" on the front.
This is a picture from 2003. This is the only cabin standing at the camp at this time. (Not counting the new dining hall which was never used.) My vote, due to the location of the door and the front window, is that this is the JLQ as Ron Mayer suggested.

Updated: 10/24/2004