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Section I Cabins

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Section 1 in Winter. Note that this picture shows the newer Bob Cats cabin, and that the Town Hall Biffy in Section I is still without walls. This is a view from the entrance to camp.
Another view of Section I (also in winter...). This is a view from the direction of the rifle range.
The Crows Nest cabin.
Another view of the Crows Nest cabin.
Yet another view of the Crow's Nest cabin.
The old Bob Cats cabin.
Another view of the old Bob Cats cabin. Thanks to one of our alumni, we have the names of two of those campers in the picture. Jim Arslanian has identified himself on the left, and next to Jim is Bruce Spellman. Bruce, can you confirm?
The Eagles cabin.
Another view of the Eagles cabin.
The old Explorers cabin.
The Lumberjack cabin.
The Rocky Ridge cabin - 1966.
Another view of the Rocky Ridge cabin.
The Town Hall Biffy.

Updated: 9/3/2007