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October 10, 2010

A wee bit grayer and hopefully wiser, we once again gather by the waterside.

Pictures brought to us once again by Ron Mayer and Steve Babbit. Thanks Ron and Steve.

The entrance to the past...

The trolley Bed.

And looking the other way....

Remnants of the Green Biffy.

And the JLQ.

Steve Babbit and Ron Mayer (left to right).

Watson Pond (pond left).

Watson Pond (pond center).

Jake Goss.

Eric Lesselbaum, Art Fitzgerald, and Steve Babbit reclining on the beach (left to right).

Ron and Art deep in the Berkshire woods (left to right).

Jake, Ron, Art, Robert, and John (left to right) - Looks like trouble...

Jake Goss again...

John Lordon and Rob Lennick (left to right).

Eric Lesselbaum.

John Lordon.

Rob Lennick.

Dinner over the campfire. Where's the fish? Who made the bug juice?

And our old Chef, Larry Isaacs, tending the fire...


October 12, 2009

The gatherings continue for the hardy few who can make it.

Pictures brought to us once again by Ron Mayer. Thanks Ron.

If I have mislabeled any, please let me know...

Eric Lesselbaum and Earl Yunes in a pose.

Johnny Lordon in the weeds.

Steve Babbitt in repose.

Rob Lennick, Eric Lesselbaum, Ron Mayer, John Lordon, Steve Babbitt in the parking lot at Ida's.

Earl Yunes, Rob Lennick, Eric Lesselbaum, John Lorden, Steve Babbitt in the parking lot at Ida's.

Rob Lennick, Steve Babbitt, Johnny Lordon, Eric Lesselbaum, Earl Yunes inside Ida's.

Art Fitzgerald, Eric Lesselbaum, Rob Lennick, Earl Yunes, Johnny Lordon, Steve Babbitt in the restaurant in Est Otis.

Eric Lesselaum in the cafe.

Earl Yunes and Eric Lesselbaum in the wilds with all the comforts of home.

Eric Lesselbaum and Earl Yunes, still in the wilds.

Eric Lesselbaum, Earl Yunes, Art Fitzgerald in conversation.

Johnny Lordon and Steve Babbitt in-tense...

Craig Tighe (friend on the pond) in the neighborhood.

Rob Lennick, Johnny Lordon, Steve Babbitt, Art Fitzgerald, Ron Mayer, Eric Lesselbaum, Earl Yunes in the end.


October 7, 2007

The gatherings continue for the hardy few who can make it.

Pictures brought to us by Ron Mayer. Thanks Ron. If I have mislabeled one, or you know the driver of the boat, please let me know...

Meet me in East Otis at Hall's! (above and below)
From left to right: Bobby Lennick, Arti Fitzgerald, Ron Mayer, Eric Lesselbaum, Johnny Lordon, Steve Babbitt

On the waterfront... (above and below)
From left to right: Steve, Bobby, Johnny, and Art

Eric, come-on, put the phone away...

Ahhhhhh. Watson Pond...

Johnny in the stern

And Bobby in the bow

It's coming back to me...

Like riding a bike... You never forget

Arti in the stern, and Eric in the bow

Was that a J-Stroke?

So how do you stop this thing?

What? It was a perfect landing...

Besides, look what I found!

And Bobby found one too (above and below)

The JLQ Cabin. One of the first cabins, and now the last. Not looking too good.

This sure beats paddling

Where are the fish?

So, how come we never had these when I was at camp?

Thanks for the lift!


October 10 & 11, 2004

The 2004 Reunion was an opportunity for those who could not make it to the 2003 Reunion to experience the same sense of closure that those of us who attended the 2003 Reunion were able to experience. It also provided a forum for us to get together and discuss serious issues of the past and the future.

Thanks to all who shared their experiences with the group, and thanks to those who stepped up to the plate, and contributed financially to the processes to plot and plan the future.

We now have a clearer understanding of where we have been and where we want to go.
Most of the folks who came to the reunion made it into the group portrait.

From left to right: Eric Lesselbaum, Maxwell Wiggins, Ron Mayer, Rob Lennick, Rob Lennick, Bruno Durand, Irwin Wiggins, Aaron Clevenson, Larry Isaacs, Art Fitzgerald, Keith Dennehy, Steve Babbitt, Case Martin, Johnny Lordon, Warren Queeney. Missing: Gene Plasse, Tony Balski.

These were the folks who weren't able to join us in 2003. We're glad they were able to be with us in 2004. It was great to see them again.

Top Row, left to right:
      Tony Balsi, Keith Dennehy
Bottom Row, left to right:
      Case Martin, Warren Queeney

October 12 & 13, 2003

The 2003 Reunion was the first effort at getting many alumni from Berkshire Boys Camp together. It was a major effort, and many folks came. Many of these folks had not seen each other, or even communicated with each other for 30 years. Some of us had never met.

Some came to see old friends. Some came to remember times from the past. Some came with hopes and dreams for possible futures. Some came because they were curious. But most importantly, I think many of us came to bring closure to one chapter of the book of our lives.

When the camp ceased operations in 1972/1973, none of us had the opportunity to experience and understand the end of this era. None of us had the opportunity to say goodbye to our friends and to the institution that was BBC.
Almost everybody that dropped by for the reunion made it to the group portrait.

From left to right: Paul Bailey, Barry Tressler, Art Fitzgerald, Bob Baritz, Robert Harrison, Ron Mayer, Barry Barbash, Steve Barbash, Steve Finer, Sherman Wallen, Sepp Bergschneider, Smokey Rulon, Bill Finer, Johnny Lordon, Evan Elgin, Barry Adams, Mark Harrison, Al Sewicki, Steve Barbash, Pancho Bergschneider, Larry Isaacs, Irwin Wiggins, Maxwell Wiggins, Kip Keith, Eric Lesselbaum, Leo Lias, Charlie Rulon, Bruno Durand, Rob Lennick, Neil Harrison, Aaron Clevenson and Lincoln Russell
What would BBC be without a rousing rendition of
In A Cabin In The Woods

(Names withheld to protect the innocent...)
... and who better to lead us all than Bruno Durand.
The waterfront. Did it really look this good when we used to swim in it?

In silouette: Leo Liias.
Posing for another shot, many of us paused briefly on our walk about the camp.

From left to right: Gene Plasse, Paul Bailey, Robert Lennick, Johnny Lordon,
Eric Lesselbaum, Al Sewicki, Larry Isaacs, Steve Babbitt, Irwin Wiggins, Ron Mayer,
Robert Harrison, Art Fitszgerald, Maxwell Wiggins, Barry Adams, and Bruno Durand
One of the few vestiges of the camp, Ranger Rock lives on!

From left to right: Larry Isaacs, Steve Babbitt (behind tree), Bruno Durand,
Johnny Lordon, Maxwell Wiggins, Robert Lennick (behind Maxwell), Eric Lesselbaum,
Lincoln Russell, and Paul Bailey

Updated: 12/29/2010