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The White Cottage

This is a front view of the White Cottage, or the White Cabin. This cabin was built as the place where Austin "Pop" Welch stayed while at camp. The windows to the left are in the kitchen. The windows to the right were in a large sitting room. Behind the kitchen was a bedroom, and above the bedroom was a loft.
This is a side view of the white cottage. The piece to the right was "Pop's" office. The piece in the center had a bed and a small bathroom.
And yet another view of the White Cabin. This is from the same angle as a painting that was done by Rebekah Clevenson and given to Pop. It hung in the main room of the cottage.

The CQ

This cabin was used for many purposes during its lifetime at BBC. It was used as the headquarters cabin, the Young Wagles Cabin, the Infirmary, and and the CQ (Counselors Quarters).
The Old Headquaters Cabin, later known as the CQ.
The Young Eagles Cabin, later known as the CQ. This was first used by the Young Eagles in 1951.
The camp nurse, Gloria Hey, at the entrance to the Eagles - Health Lodge, during the time when the CQ served as the infirmary. This would be during the 1955 camp season.


This was the camp office. Note: the PX line forms on the right.
The Science Lab. It was located in the cluster of buildings near the entrance road.
Knobb-Hill. This building was also located near the camp's entrance. This is where the secretary lived. It was also used as the home for the winter care-takers.
The Green Biffy - near the lower-lower field and along the waterfront road.
Spruce Lodge - The cook's cabin. This was located just to the right of the Dining Hall, a short distance down a trail.
Laurel Lodge - This was used as the Assistant Director's Cabin. It was located further along the same trail off to the right of the Dining Hall.
Another view of the Laurel Lodge.
The infirmary.

Updated: 12/2/2004