Awards - 1952

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7/6/1952 Green, Michael Biology Junior Instructor
7/6/1952 Adams, Jay Junior Leader Acting
7/6/1952 Beacham, Earl Junior Leader
7/6/1952 Donahue, Dave Junior Leader
7/6/1952 Goss, Jack Junior Leader
7/6/1952 Hamel, Roger Junior Leader Acting
7/6/1952 Quinn, Richard Junior Leader Captain
7/6/1952 Quinn, Richard Junior Leader
7/6/1952 Prentiss, David Young Eagles Chief
7/6/1952 Stanton, Eric Young Eagles Medicine Man
7/6/1952 Wagner, David Young Eagles Chief
7/13/1952 Arell, Walter Archery Junior Instructor
7/13/1952 Donahue, Dave Archery Junior Instructor
7/13/1952 Adams, Jay Riflery Junior Instructor
7/13/1952 Beacham, Earl Riflery Junior Instructor
7/13/1952 Quinn, David Riflery Junior Instructor
7/19/1952 Berkowitz, Norman Young Eagles Chief
7/19/1952 Wagner, Robert Young Eagles Assistant Chief
7/20/1952 Goss, Jack Archery Advanced
7/20/1952 Martorano, John Archery Basic
7/20/1952 Martorano, James Darts Basic
7/20/1952 Martorano, John Darts Basic
7/20/1952 Veremy, John Darts Basic
7/20/1952 Bennett, Victor Naturalist Basic
7/20/1952 Olken, Charles Naturalist Basic
7/20/1952 Donahue, Dave Pioneering Basic
7/20/1952 Martorano, John Pioneering Basic
7/20/1952 Carroll, Bruce Riflery Basic
7/20/1952 Dolan, Charles Riflery Basic
7/20/1952 Donahue, Dave Riflery Basic
7/20/1952 Gatling, Langley Riflery Basic
7/20/1952 Golden, Peter Riflery Basic
7/20/1952 Hurst, Tom Riflery Basic
7/20/1952 Martorano, James Riflery Basic
7/20/1952 Martorano, John Riflery Basic
7/20/1952 Nakash, Ralph Riflery Basic
7/20/1952 Ritchie, Phil Riflery Basic
7/20/1952 Beacham, Earl Small Craft Basic
7/20/1952 Martorano, James Small Craft Basic
7/20/1952 Beacham, Earl Swimming Intermediate
7/20/1952 Beacham, Earl Swimming Intermediate
7/20/1952 Goss, Jack Swimming Swimmer
7/20/1952 Martorano, James Swimming Intermediate
7/20/1952 Fremont, Roger Waterfront Junior Instructor
7/27/1952 Quinn, Richard Junior Counselor In Training
7/27/1952 Coughlin, John Merit Star Camper
7/27/1952 Martorano, John Merit Star Camper
7/27/1952 Quinn, Richard Merit Star Camper
8/2/1952 Buckley, John Boating Basic
8/2/1952 Martorano, James Boating Advanced
8/2/1952 Martorano, John Boating Basic
8/2/1952 Beacham, Earl Forestry Lumberjack
8/2/1952 Benoit, Cliff Forestry Lumberjack
8/2/1952 Fremont, Roger Forestry Lumberjack
8/2/1952 Martorano, John Forestry Lumberjack
8/2/1952 Beacham, Earl Naturalist Basic
8/2/1952 Fremont, Roger Naturalist Basic
8/2/1952 Green, Michael Naturalist Master
8/2/1952 Martorano, John Naturalist Basic
8/2/1952 Stanton, Eric Naturalist Basic
8/2/1952 Beacham, Earl Pioneering Master
8/2/1952 Bennett, Victor Pioneering Basic
8/2/1952 Coughlin, Dan Pioneering Basic
8/2/1952 Fremont, Roger Pioneering Master
8/2/1952 Goss, Jack Pioneering Basic
8/2/1952 Hutchinson, Gerald Pioneering Master
8/2/1952 Smith, James Pioneering Basic
8/2/1952 Coleman, Tim Riflery Basic
8/2/1952 Curtis, Steve Riflery Basic
8/2/1952 Roffman, Roger Riflery Basic
8/2/1952 Beacham, Earl Swimming Swimmer
8/2/1952 Martorano, James Swimming Swimmer
8/2/1952 Roffman, Roger Swimming Beginner
8/2/1952 Smith, Barry Swimming Intermediate
8/2/1952 Smith, Barry Swimming Swimmer
8/2/1952 Veremy, John Swimming Intermediate
8/9/1952 Faulkner, Tom Boating Basic
8/9/1952 Hoffman, Robert Boating Basic
8/9/1952 Hoffman, Robert Darts Basic
8/9/1952 Carroll, Bruce Forestry Basic
8/9/1952 Goss, Jack Forestry Lumberjack
8/9/1952 Green, Michael Forestry Lumberjack
8/9/1952 Hoffman, Roger Forestry Basic
8/9/1952 Olken, Charles Forestry Basic
8/9/1952 Pike, Donald Forestry Basic
8/9/1952 Gatling, Langley Merit Special Recognition
8/9/1952 Hurst, Tom Merit Special Recognition
8/9/1952 Prentiss, Dave Merit Special Recognition
8/9/1952 Smith, Eugene Merit Special Recognition
8/9/1952 Speilman, Bruce Merit Special Recognition
8/9/1952 Golden, Peter Photography Basic
8/9/1952 Pike, Donald Photography Basic
8/9/1952 Stanton, Eric Photography Basic
8/9/1952 Imlach, Billy Pioneering Basic
8/9/1952 Wagner, Bob Pioneering Basic
8/9/1952 Beacham, Earl Riflery Pro-Marksman
8/9/1952 Benoit, Cliff Riflery Pro-Marksman
8/9/1952 Coleman, Tim Riflery Pro-Marksman
8/9/1952 Donahue, Donald Riflery Pro-Marksman
8/9/1952 Goldstein, Arlen Riflery Basic
8/9/1952 Manfra, Jerry Riflery Pro-Marksman
8/9/1952 Olken, Charles Riflery Basic
8/9/1952 Ray, Phillip Riflery Basic
8/9/1952 Fremont, Roger Swimming Swimmer
8/9/1952 Smith, Jim Swimming Intermediate
8/9/1952 Wagner, Bob Swimming Beginner
8/16/1952 Dolan, Charles Boating Basic
8/16/1952 Epstein, Paul Boating Basic
8/16/1952 Faulkner, Tom Boating Advanced
8/16/1952 Hoffman, Robert Boating Advanced
8/16/1952 Beacham, Earl Exploring Basic
8/16/1952 Fremont, Roger Exploring Basic
8/16/1952 Hutchinson, Gerald Exploring Basic
8/16/1952 Faulkner, Tom Forestry Basic
8/16/1952 Hoffman, Robert Forestry Basic
8/16/1952 Martorano, James Forestry Lumberjack
8/16/1952 Martorano, John Forestry Junior Instructor
8/16/1952 Pike, Donald Forestry Lumberjack
8/16/1952 Stanton, Eric Forestry Basic
8/16/1952 Carroll, Bruce Merit Special Recognition
8/16/1952 Messemer, Jack Merit Special Recognition
8/16/1952 Stanley, Fred Merit Special Recognition
8/16/1952 Wagner, Robert Merit Special Recognition
8/16/1952 Beacham, Earl Naturalist Advanced
8/16/1952 Fremont, Roger Naturalist Advanced
8/16/1952 Hutchinson, Gerald Naturalist Advanced
8/16/1952 Manfra, Jerry Naturalist Advanced
8/16/1952 Hutchinson, Gerald Riflery Junior Instructor
8/16/1952 Hutchinson, Gerald Riflery Pro-Marksman
8/16/1952 Manfra, Jerry Riflery Marksman
8/16/1952 Smith, Barry Riflery Marksman
8/16/1952 Smith, Barry Riflery Pro-Marksman
8/16/1952 Faulkner, Tom Swimming Swimmer
8/16/1952 Hoffman, Robert Swimming Swimmer
8/16/1952 Manfra, Jerry Swimming Beginner
8/16/1952 Pike, Donald Swimming Beginner
Martorano, James Merit Star Camper


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