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Archery - 1966.
Beaver Dam Busting at the swamp up Indian Creek - 1963.
Big Red - All aboard for the first leg of the trip to Tolend State Park.
Boot Hill - 1966. Which boy deserves what?
Bucket Baths - It's Saturday, and we have to get all cleaned-up for tonight. BBC will shine tonight!.
Life in the cabin.
Carnival Rides - 1966.

We believe that the boy sitting on the beach is Brian Mansfield. He was the cook's son and a camper. The dog is Holly, also part of the Mansfield family. The picture was taken by Brian's mother.
1941 - Building the first dock on the pond.
Close only counts in Horseshoes!
The truck, Little Green - 1966.
Swimming at Mitchell's Quary.
Boating and the dock on Pioneer Island - 1966.
Riflery - 1966. Ready on the Right? "Ready", Ready on the Left? "Ready", Ready on the Firing Line? "- - - - -", Commence Firing.

The boy on the bench awaiting his turn on the rifle range, fifth from the left end, looking at the camera is Jon Golden.
Another view of the Rifle Range.
Waterfront - 1967.
Another view of the waterfront. Nice boats!.

Updated: 12/23/2006